The Next Generation of Aircraft Maintenance Software

Aerotrax Technologies is a technology company focused on the development and commercialization of blockchain solutions for Aviation & Aerospace.

A Powerful Platform for Aircrafts and Parts

Our vision is to track the entire historical lifecycle of aircrafts and their parts. To execute this vision, our first product focuses on the $5bn problem of part maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO).

Aerotrax MRO Service Management

Enhance the end-to-end management of your repair orders.

Curated Business Network Discovery

Our Connections Portal enables airlines and suppliers to curate their private ecosystem of partners and explore companies they want to connect and transact with.

Airlines and suppliers build their own digital supply chain network to communicate and share information with partners that they trust. Companies begin by connecting with others on our business network before data or information are shared. An invite feature is built in, which enables airlines and suppliers to onboard new organizations from their own business network onto our platform in a quick and efficient manner.

In-Depth Asset and Component Intelligence

Our Part Passport provides airlines with a single source of truth of their fleet and inventory by having the comprehensive trace history of every single part’s maintenance and ownership history accessible at a one-stop location.

The solution keeps track of each part by their manufacturing identifications and every one of its transactions that takes place on-platform, including latest commercial transactions that occurred off-platform. This verified trace history expedites audits and accelerates end of lease redelivery.

Simplified Data & Documentation Sharing

Our Dynamic Repair Order offers a synchronized view of the repair order for airlines and suppliers. The transparency into the repair cycle supports airlines in optimizing fleet planning and performance, and the simplified data sharing enhances compliance at both parties.

The airlines see exactly what the suppliers see at all times while having a mutual understanding of what needs to be done with the work instructions shared beforehand. The suppliers upload key documents at each checkpoint for review and are subject to revision as requested by the airlines in real time.

Optimized Performance Reporting Generator

Our Dashboard is an intelligence suite that displays recent messages, automated supplier performance scorecards, inventory analytics, repair order analytics, and customizable reports.

Reports on the supplier’s performance is based on Reliability (the assessment of the actual repair), Quality (the assessment of record-keeping standards on key documents) and Delivery (the assessment of on-time parts redelivery) are automatically generated for internal and external review. These customizable reports empower airlines’ and suppliers’ management to connect captured data points and leverage these insights to optimize their operations.

Purpose-Built, Secure Messaging Layer

Our Order-Specific Messaging eliminates the communication bottleneck between the individual points of contact at the airline and the supplier. Everyone involved in the repair order from both parties can raise inquiries or concerns on a consolidated messaging platform.

Messaging windows are unique for each repair order to enable easy access as responsible managers can directly contact or respond to the other party, and review previous conversations had by their colleagues to clarify the work moving forwards. General messaging windows facilitates information and document exchange for matters not pertinent to repair orders in progress.

Experience the Value

Low-lift, minimal onboarding time, immediate time-to-value.


Highly secure, efficient, and scalable.



Saves 2 – 40 hours of administrative work per PO.

Reduces TAT by 1-3 days, which subsequently improves AOG time.


Saves 1-5% of direct maintenance costs for airlines.

Saves 2-10% of overhead costs for suppliers and airlines.

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